Events page updated and more!

I have updated my events page on the site, and as you can see there is a lot coming up!

I am very excited for my upcoming civic fellowship project. We went through the read through and workshop of my piece and I am ecstatic to see the final result in May. Death whistles seem to be a good touch to say the least.

My friend and colleague Kelley Sheehan and I will be performing for the first time our new Toy piano group duo: Plucky Plunkers. Come check us out on the 29th of April, as we start to plunk the possibilities of these plinky instruments. With world premieres by Stephen Boi, Kelley, and myself. It’s going to be a great night!

I am headed to Boston for the world premiere of my song cycle that I wrote for Joshua Scheid and CMEtc next week and will have the honor to work with Tony Arnold from ICE on the piece! Very excited to see the end result on April 22.

In May I will have the premiere of my new cabaret song Lament for Public Transit written for Nicholas Colombat and Sophie Boyer in Cambridge, MA and Roanne, France at the music festival Le Printemps Musical. First international premiere!

A new project I am now writing for is with Christopher Narloch and Kayleigh Butcher for the Schoenberg’s Das Buch der hängenden Gärten, Op.15. I am to write a piece inspired by one of the pieces of the song cycle, and I will be featured along with 14 other composers!

Finally I am headed to a residency at Avaloch Farm Music institute in New Hampshire with Lake Effect Quartet in August to workshop and perform the piece I wrote for them this year!




Rocking Chair 3 happened and it was an incredibly moving time to share such great music with great people. I’m currently in the works of plotting the fourth one out and making a move to apply for grants to continue the project!

Current projects:
My song cycle to be premiered in April is coming up quick and I am extremely excited for that. I am also now working on a large ensemble piece for the Civic Orchestra Composers Project. While also writing a few cabaret songs for my good friend Nicolas Colombat, and completing a silent film music score for Access Contemporary Musics Silent Film Series. Which will be premiered in April as well as a performance in May.  Dates on premieres will be updated as they come in!

Also I am engaged now! Which is also a huge deal to say the least to my wonderful partner in crime Suzanne Gillen =)

Update on stuff!

Got some projects coming up!
First up will be a new piece for a good friend of mine: Nicolas Colombat along with soprano Sophie Boyer. The piece will be a cabaret song inspired by French composers. As I learned there is also a French composer in this program who will be writing a cabaret song inspired by American composers. Should be fun!

Second I have an upcoming concert with Ursa Ensemble on February 3rd at Musical Offering in Evanston. Check out the events page for more details!

Next up will be the return of my Rocking Chair series (III installment). Details will be up soon but this is happening February 24th at 7 p.m.

Later down the road I will be working with my friend Kelley Sheehan on a toy piano duet concert in April that will essentially be bangers the whole way through and you should totally make an effort to come to this concert it will be bangers.

Finally: Fuck that weird orange man in the white house. Went to the March for Women’s rights the day after his inauguration and will continue to work towards helping those who face persecution from his highly un-christian ethics and orders.

Update October 2016!

Some new events for both Ursa and myself are up for October!

Premiere coming up Oct. 21 (Check events page)

Have new pieces in the works for:
– Lake Effect Quartet
– Ursa Ensemble

New solo piano project in the works probably for late November or early December!

Also will be unleashing a small album in collaboration with Atlas Arts recording company soon!



Update! Darmstadt, Europe 2016

Haven’t updated in a while! Darmstadt had very little wifi connection so I was posting on Instagram and Facebook mostly with pictures. The festival was a wonderful experience and I plan to write a little bit more about it later. Overall I came out with a new perspective on music and have plenty to think about for the upcoming year. Klaus Lang and George Aperghis were wonderful people to talk with about composition and it gave me a a new inspiration to keep doing what I’m doing. While at Darmstadt I performed a piano piece for composer Kirsten Broberg at her Open Space lecture and had the opportunity to rehearse with the Chicago Arts Initiative students on their new works. One of the students will also now begin work on my Fire Rainbow Cloud piece which I recently re arranged for Violin! I will add a lot of photos to my media page soon. I am currently in a youth hostel in Frankfurt where I am exploring the city for a few days. After this I am headed to Tubingen to see my cousin, and then to Malmo, Sweden! My final stop will be in Amsterdam.

In regards to composition I’m working on a piece for Flute and Violin along with an Ursa Ensemble commission, Lake Effect Quartet Commission, and a large song cycle work for my wonderful friend and collaborator Joshua Scheid. More on these later as they progress, but to say the least I am very excited for these upcoming premieres. Finally I have my next set of piano pieces coming in on September 5th for the next installment of my Rocking Chair Series.

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