Rocking Chair

The Rocking Chair Series involves commissions of solo piano works to be presented alongside an interview with the composer. This is done in an effort to create an inviting atmosphere for the audience as they listen to a wide variety of musical styles and expose them to the ideas that composers think about while writing.


Rocking Chair Series 2

Rocking Chair Series 3

Past Rocking Chair Composers:

Series 1:
Ed Frazier Davis
Pete Fernandez
Dominic Frigo
Eric Hollander
Hanee Park
Joshua Scheid

Series 2:
David Branam
Michelle Isaac
Jordan Jenkins
Shawn Lucas
Eric Malmquist
Dante Thelestam

Series 3:
Stephen Boi
Melissa Iverson
Noah Jenkins
Cassandra Kaczor
Craig Davis Pinson

Series 4:
Luis Fernando Amaya
Jesse Diener-Bennett
Elliott Lupp
Kelley Sheehan
Nicolas Gutierrez
Olivier Loubieres