Quick Update

Recently played at Nitecap coffee with Kelley Sheehan for a Scapi Mag podcast session! It was a blast celebrating the fourth of July there with toy pianos and some wonderful people.
You can here the live recording HERE

For all things commission news look no more:
Lake Effect Quartet
Richard Brasseale
A new trio project with Jordan Jenkins and Craig Davis Pinson
Other things to be announced!

Recently moved into a new apartment and now have a BABY GRAND PIANO IN MY LIVING ROOM. WHICH IS EXCITING.

Ursa Ensemble will be playing August 12 at 2 p.m. at the Thirsty Ears music Festival in Ravenswood this year! Nicholas Jeffery, Joe Sanchez, and I will hit the stage with music for viola, clarinet, and piano.

The Rocking Chair Series IV is underway with all the composers working hard on their pieces! Very excited to present this project in September at the Ravenswood artwalk. Will we all learn something that day? Probably.

Photo credit: Scapigliatura Magazine