Update on stuff!

Got some projects coming up!
First up will be a new piece for a good friend of mine: Nicolas Colombat along with soprano Sophie Boyer. The piece will be a cabaret song inspired by French composers. As I learned there is also a French composer in this program who will be writing a cabaret song inspired by American composers. Should be fun!

Second I have an upcoming concert with Ursa Ensemble on February 3rd at Musical Offering in Evanston. Check out the events page for more details!

Next up will be the return of my Rocking Chair series (III installment). Details will be up soon but this is happening February 24th at 7 p.m.

Later down the road I will be working with my friend Kelley Sheehan on a toy piano duet concert in April that will essentially be bangers the whole way through and you should totally make an effort to come to this concert it will be bangers.

Finally: Fuck that weird orange man in the white house. Went to the March for Women’s rights the day after his inauguration and will continue to work towards helping those who face persecution from his highly un-christian ethics and orders.